Case: Oi Broto - Organic Garden

What about this company that has just been born and we already love so friggin' much?

The challenge

With the proposal of urban agriculture, sustainable and free of pesticides - besides a space that really make your eyes sparkle - arose in the garden of ELEVANTE a project that left our little heart filled with hope for a better future. Also a pretty tasty future too.

The challenge of the project was to cover the seriousness of the technical aspects like ecology, permaculture and natural food, without losing the softness of interpreting the dream of three good-natured and energetic figures: Katia, Diana and Ademar (aka The Gardener Mage!)


In addition to customizing organic products baskets, the company offers leisure and learning in a beautiful farmhouse just a few minutes from the center of Curitiba, where the classical initial immersion for the job ocurred. The scenario contributed to a moment of inspiration and focus on the goals. We started with a mixture of serious chat about the venture and relaxed moments, with the smell of weeds and fresh coffee.


After conducting the facilitation, we were able to feel the experience that the visitation provides to the client, harvesting fresh vegetables under the guidance of the specialists.

our very own André with the amazing posture of an athlete. 

our very own André with the amazing posture of an athlete. 


The Reasoning

At first, the following perceptions were clear: offering excellent natural and organic products, a fantastic place, the intelligent use of resources, and the abundance of dedication, affection and knowledge shared by the team.


Another company selling organic baskets being preachy about health and sustainability? Definitely not! Although acting in a segment that involves awareness, this brand simply could not be boring. It was necessary to absorb the charm that the services can represent in the life of the clients for a work of differentiation. After deep public and market research, we've identified the potential relationship giant that business holds.

Brand Personality

Generating identification in publics with such different behaviors is always stimulating.


Can you think of someone who lives in the rush, with little time (or none) to go to the market? Someone who's looking to eat better and is a little tired of these vegetables full of pesticides? A guy who pays attention to what he consumes and seeks products that are less aggressive to nature? That friend who likes to cook? The family that wants a good option for fun and learning outdoors for their children? A lady who misses the vegetable garden of the old house?

These and many other situations are part of the universe of this brand. From the combination of the needs with the charisma of the entrepreneurs and the magic of the place itself, Chácara Bons Ares, a relaxed personality appears, light and motivating, but with a taste of nostalgia for everything natural, spontaneous and that values simplicity.

When we speak of nature, each experience is unique. Ever seen one organic carrot look the same as the other? Or two thunders that sound the same. That's it.

into the wild

into the wild



When we were children, we planted bean seeds on cotton. The absolute magic of the birth of a little plant next to the welcoming positioning were a stimulus for the development of the naming. The option chosen by the entrepreneurs, between two generated, was OI BROTO - which can be freely translated to something like HI SPROUT but also to HEY CUTIE, both for men and women.


Visual identity developed by the always inspired designer Alexandre Correa.

A greeting accompanied by a word that has everything to do with the green universe of the brand, but which can also be associated with a slang. Calling someone a BROTO is a compliment, a reference to self-esteem, self-care. The name celebrates in a cool way all germinated seeds and the personal and attentive service offered to the customers.



The study of language could not ignore the world of slang, nostalgia, and good humor - since BROTO was specially used during the 70's and 80's in Brazil. Phrases, general tone of voice, keywords and approaches for everyday use of the brand were developed, based on these choices in the context created by the naming, the nostalgia for words that were once so common but still exist in the back of our minds, connected easily with the experience of the entrepreneurs and their proposed objectives.

Check out the manifesto the brand:

Hi, BROTO, all good?
Here is our organic garden and we are
very close to you, in the middle of the city.

Nature presents us with colors and flavors.
Therefore, we respect its time and, in return,
receive something magical that we now share with you.

The spontaneity of a laugh, a tight hug,
unique sensations like every harvest we celebrate here.

With affection that goes from seed to plate,
our job is to shorten your way to nature,
from your food to putting your feet on the grass.

What time are you coming, BROTO?
Or do you want us to take it to you?


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