Case: Sinfonia - Residence Hotel

An innovative company is drawing attention in Sinos Valley, Rio Grande do Sul, with the proposal of a better quality of life in housing for the elderly.

Innovative Concept

Based on the concept of assisted living, already established abroad, the company was supported by ELEVANTE in the strategic planning stage. However, the challenge was not limited to adjusting the model to Brazilian habits, it was also essential to go beyond simply understanding the needs of the elderly and their families, thus creating a desire for the lifestyle offered.


Company Name

After deep analysis of the public, scenario and competitive environment, we understood the company's potential to generate benefits not only to the physical health of the residents, but also to offer an environment that stimulates social interaction, learning and a serene day-to-day life. Offer a place to live in harmony with yourself and the world, like the instruments of an orchestra are well balanced. From this reasoning was developed by our team the name Sinfonia, a symphony, which already has become increasingly known in the region.

The naming was also inspired by one of the most important Brazilian composers, Carlos Gomes, who also gives name to the street where the venture is located. We follow the musical reference to name the apartments of the residence hotel: Opera, Sonata and Aria.



Our work included designing a strategy for sharing knowledge and awareness through lectures. The idea was executed exemplarily by the company in recent months, through free fortnightly events that are attended by welfare authorities. The events were a great success, always at maximum capacity.


Customer Experience

To ensure that the clients' experiences were fluid from the get go, the operation also relied on our team in the initial recruitment phase, during which we introduced introductory service training and organizational culture.

"The success of the implementation of the Sinfonia Hotel Residence in the Valley of the Sinos came substantially thanks to the conclusive developments carried out by ELEVANTE."
- Altair Ribeiro, Planning Director

Sinfonia is an example of organizations that generates value to its customers and to the whole community. Keeping track of the success trajectory that Sinfonia Hotel Residência's managers and employees are achieving fills us with energy to continue to raise business potential.
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