Game Localization season is opened!

Through a very alchemical mixing of Branding, Writing and Coding skills, ELEVANTE proudly presents its new service: Game Localization :D

But WTF is Game Localization?

We're glad you've asked! Game Localization is a service where we not only translate, but actually adapt the whole textual content of your game (PC or mobile) to our sunny, Brazilian language — Portuguese —  and to our very own culture.

That allows a smooth introduction of your game or games into the Brazilian market.
A market, might I add, that is growing very fast! 

"Next week, 300,000 video game fans, developers and publishers like Sony, Ubisoft, Activision and Microsoft plan to congregate so they can showcase their wares and participate in a cosplay zone, an e-sports tournament and a 48-hour jam.
Their destination: São Paulo, Brazil."
New York Times - Oct. 4 2017


How about an example? 


So if you were waiting for the time to bring your game, from full PC games to online brand-connected short games, to the Brazilian market:

give us a shout!

andré osna