A few of the projects we 💓

Tristano Peluqueria

Work: strategic brand repositioning, co-creation of a new front of action, quantitative research, improvement of the client's journey.

Challenge: A company considered a reference in the beauty segment without ever being limited by traditional aesthetic standards. Tristano is the type of cool that is not just a passing thing and after 5 years of history, it's time to aim at new heights. The work was a re-signification of the brand, identifying opportunities and implementing a new front of action: TristanoLab, a learning and awareness project that placed the brand in greater national evidence. In addition to the facilitation work with the team and improvement of the contact points, the company started to be more active about what it believes and in the changes it wishes to encourage in the segment.

- Curitiba/Brazil 2017 e 2018


Work: internal facilitation and co-creation of methodology for socio-educational program.

Challenge: SAP is a global company that values diversity. This is reflected not only in the teams, but also in external initiatives. The challenge was to create alongside the SAP Pride core a welcoming and empowering methodology for the ID Program, intended for at-risk transsexuals. Experiences of integration, both professional and of personal growth, were developed for the participants to experienced the day-to-day life of companies in the main technological parks of Rio Grande do Sul state, making them feel welcomed and part of the ecosystem.

- São Leopoldo & Porto Alegre/Brazil 2017

O Polen

Work: development of commercial strategy, brand study and language configuration.

Challenge: Polen was born to unite social projects with e-commerces and consumers. After a few years on the market, the company reinvented its service delivery format. In addition to the plug-in, which can be installed in the buyers' browser, they have now launched their new flagship: a sale funnel improvement tool for e-commerces, through social responsibility. The challenge was to adapt the positioning of the company, proposing a more modern, functional and direct speech. We also created the new commercial strategy, tone of voice and visual identity that support this new moment for the brand.

- Curitiba/Brazil 2017

Disney Channel

Work: tone of voice creation, target audience analysis, content, and screenplays for campaigns.

Challenge: Disney Channel Latin America is already part of the family. Since our first contact with the company in early 2017, we have developed projects together both in the region and in partnership with their studios in Los Angeles.

  • We were called in to help locally with the release of their latest series recorded entirely in Brazil, Juacas. For this, we mapped the Brazilian target audience and, with this data, developed the appropriate tone of voice for the launch campaign, as well as the content and scripts used for the launch in several countries simultaneously.

  • International Shooting is a big recording session of materials for all the Disney Channel network worldwide. For this project, we created several scripts that were and still will be used for campaigns in the years 2018 and 2019. Among the participating talents are the actors of the series Bizaardvark, Raven's Home and all the other main shows of the channel's international programming.

- Buenos Aires/Argentina & Los Angeles/USA 2017/2018/2019


Work: qualitative research

Challenge: Six years in the market and operating since 2017 in a free and modern model, Pulsar has also evolved in its performance. In addition to the experience with entrepreneurship education and self-knowledge in schools and universities, the hub started providing services to companies and expanding its backlog of agile methods. The challenge was to understand and generate insight for the value perception offered by Pulsar to the in-company audience. Through in-depth interviews methodology, essential data and insights were gathered for brand repositioning and structuring of business approaches.

- Porto Alegre/Brazil 2017


Work: content creation for company blog

Challenge: EBANX is more than a modern payment method present in seven countries, it is a company that aims at breaking financial barriers between its customers and the world. In addition to brokering payments for Chinese giants such as Aliexpress, Gearbest and Wish, EBANX also has a blog of shopping tips for which we create content weekly, covering topics such as technology and nerd culture within the context of the online selling sites.

- Curitiba/Brazil 2017 e 2018


Dalba Group

Work: qualitative research, strategic positioning, commercial argumentation, language configuration and guidelines for establishing a cohesive organizational culture.

Challenge: Dalba Group is an engineering holding company that offers services and products to different fronts of action and consumers in the public and private sectors. The objective of the project was to identify the main attributes of the organization through internal qualitative research and to transform the diagnosis into strategic guides to enhance the company's credibility with the market and improve the organizational culture, creating a parallel between what one wishes to do in and what should be considered as practice, values and internal philosophy.

- Guarapuava, Francisco Beltrão & Cascavel/Brazil 2018


Casa de Colorir

Work: quantitative research, umbrella brand development, lifestyle brand creation, design and implementation of collaborative e-commerce, audience study and editorial lines.

Challenge: Casa de Colorir is a pioneer blog in the decoration segment, working with a focus on affection and encouraging the do-it-yourself culture for 8 years. Its creator, Thalita Carvalho, also hosts the show Mais Cor, Por Favor, in the Brazilian cable channel GNT, through which she became acquainted with countless designers and producers of decoration articles. The objective of the partnership is to lift Casa de Colorir to an umbrella brand status, welcoming new fronts of action and projects that value the Brazilian artisan production and the sharing of knowledge and techniques in the area. Among future opportunities, the highlight is a collaborative e-commerce website that will be launched in the second half of 2018 with conception, positioning and implementation by Elevante.

- Rio de Janeiro/Brazil 2018

Le Cube

Work: press release, content and digital communication strategy

Challenge: Le Cube is a Buenos Aires based studio that creates unique animations for brands such as Nike, Uber and McDonalds.
Our work with the team, famous for their daring artistic style, was to delve into the brand’s personality in order to create press releases, communication strategy and content used when launching new projects in their portfolios and social media platforms. The campaigns so far:

  • Vocación, created for the Spanish news channel Antena 3 in partnership with The Mushroom Company and the SPCF agency.

  • Cartoon Network 25th Birthday, created for one of the biggest cartoon channels in the world in celebration of its birthday.

  • O.K. K.O.! Promo created for Cartoon Network Latin America

- Buenos Aires/Argentina, Barcelona/Spain & Atlanta/USA 2018


Heineken Space

Work: creation of experience, mediation and facilitation of activity

Challenge: Black Sheep Festival is one of the biggest innovation and creativity events in southern Brazil. In the 2018 edition, it featured the Heineken Space, created especially to create bigger interaction between participants and world-renowned speakers. The facilitation and mediation of this activity was developed and was under the responsibility and expertise of Elevante.

- Porto Alegre/Brazil 2018